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We provide football for boys and girls with development leagues in Under 5 & 6 age groups. Our Development Leagues are designed so players can learn through play. Teams vary in abilities and we ensure that teams are matched accordingly. FA rules state that all Under 7,8 & 9s football is played on a non-competitive basis and results/league tables are not kept. Children are competitive by nature, they want to win and don’t need a league table or results section on a website to confirm this.

We offer a relaxed approach for teams. Teams can play as little or as often as suits their team.

Match Rules

  • Astro Pitch

  • 5 a-side

  • Throw ins & Corner Kicks (normal game rules)

  • Retreat Line

  • Game Time - 3 x 16 minutes

  • 3 goal rule (team losing by 3 goals can bring on an extra player)

*All games are officiated by one of our referees.

We're always looking for new teams. 


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